Active Cultural Travel with Expert Professors
Active Cultural Tours

Enjoy Art, History and Nature walks, with expert local Guides and Professors, in off-the-beaten track excursions with like-minded people. A different journey to Barcelona and Catalonia, Europe’s most vibrant city.

Educational Travel Programs

Unique Educational Travel Programs created by our team of Guides and Professors, combining Education and Leisure activities, to strengthen your Community and enhance your study experience.

What is Paths of Culture Barcelona

Active, Cultural and Sustainable Tours

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Since 1977, Paths of Culture Barcelona organise cultural travel and educational travel programs with attractive on-site excursions combined with easy walks and off-the-beaten track routes. We are an independent company founded on sustainable values.

Local Knowledge with Expert Professors

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Local Knowledge for conscious travelers: Our Programs and Activities are designed and led by local Professors and Guides, focused on Arts, History and Natural European heritage in Catalonia (Spain), in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

New Friends for a new Era

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A new era of Travel is here. Learn new and interesting things, and build exciting memories with like-minded people interested in Arts and Nature. A life-changing and a growing experience.

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