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Partner with Paths of Culture to offer an in-depth cultural experience to your students at the same time you strengthen its friendship ties.

  1. Active cultural tours designed and led by Professors, focused on Arts, History and Natural European heritage in Catalonia (Spain).
  2. Attractive on-site excursions with cultural activities, easy walks and off-the-beaten track routes, fully customizable upon request.
  3. Since 1977, our team has an extensive experience in the field. Our program is equally appreciated by Universities, Study Abroad programs and other Education Institutions. 

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Educational Travel Programs

Discover the European Heritage with Professors

If you enjoy being where history happened, and you relish knowing other cultures, Paths of Culture is for you! Our educational trip programs are filled with a variety of cultural activities you will savour.

All the trips are led and designed by our team of Cultural guides and Professors, speaking English, French, Spanish and Catalan. You will learn new things by the hand of a local, kind and sensitive person.


Appealing Activities in unique Programs

We offer differentiated education travel programs with unique and innovative activities and excursions with a marked cultural focus. Traveling with us, you will discover unusual places of our heritage that you would not find otherwise and will leave you breathless.

Do you want to focus on History topics? Interested on including moderate hikes ? Do you want to run your travel program in English? Anything you want it, you get it!

Design your own tailored travel program or sign-up for one already made by us.


Complement your studies in the field

Either you are studying abroad in Spain or  learning Spanish or Catalan in your hometown, any Paths of Culture program will enhance your studies in the field!

Practice your language skills, meet other meaningful people and enjoy all the richness catalan and spanish culture has to offer you.

Why Universities choose us and Students love us
Attractive Programs

Unique on-site excursions with cultural activities, easy walks and off-the-beaten track towns and cities.

History, in Live!

Be where history happened, come in close contact to history, art, ruins of ancient civilizations, architecture and new culture.

Expert Professors and Guides

Enjoy the explanations of Professors and local guides in English, Spanish and/or Catalan. Learn new things while having fun and travelling.

Go Local

Live authentic and unique local experiences that stand out in your memory

The Good Travel

Dare to try new flavors, listen to new languages, interact with people from other cultures, do new activities typical of the place.

Quality and Security, Granted.

You are travelling with an specialized travel agency in active and cultural tourism, with an extensive experience of more than 40 years.

Feel the Experience

Watch how does it feel to visit us

Relax and enjoy this virtual journey to Barcelona and Catalonia!

The purpose of Paths of Culture Barcelona is to provide you with an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of art, history, heritage, and aspects of the nature and geography of our Region.

We also combine visits and enjoy pleasant walks and moderate hikes to be delighted with the best panoramic views.



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