we value culture

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We are moved by the diffusion of natural and cultural heritage, that is why all our travels and tours include a good dose of recognition of the surrounding environment. We convey our concerns and interests to our guests so that they fully enjoy and interact positively. We want to disseminate Catalan culture internationally through interaction with travelers.

We consider cultural interaction a transversal aspect of our values and way of understanding travel.

travel is still the most intense mode of learning

we travel actively

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In Catalonia we are lucky to be part of an incomparable and diverse landscape with infinite natural wonders to be explored. That is why Paths of Culture trips have always a special reserved space for moderate or more intense walks, Nordic walking is one of our specialties. We believe that only in this way local nature can be enjoyed and appreciated: walking it, visiting it, recognizing it, living it.

we are local

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Paths of Cultures was born from the passion of a local family and that is what identifies our most precious value. We escape from mass tourism to get closer to the local culture, its costums and the exchange that it offers to us. We want those who visit us to have a close, authentic and unique local experience. Gastronomy, art, history and natural heritage are the pillars on which we support this local cultural immersion.

we are experts

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Experience is the best teacher. In the 40 years that we have been serving local tourism, we have grown our baggage, which today is full of expertise and recognition, not only at the business level in the tourism sector, but also by each of our team members that is highly qualified to develope each of the assaigned tasks. Traveling with us means feeling in good hands.

we are green

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We are a Responsible Tourism company certified by Biosphere Tourism. We go beyond environmental sustainability: we promote and create a responsible work environment, we benefit from equally responsible suppliers and partners and, at the same time that we collaborate with the environment so that the carbon footprint is as small as possible, we transfer these values ​​to the daily routine of our tours and therefore, our guests.

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