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In the Cultural Trips of the European Center, we bring you closer to the cultural and natural heritage of our country and Europe with expert professors and guides, and we offer you an authentic, active, local tourism experience with a warm human touch.


Paths of Culture: Active Cultural Travel

The European Center for International Studies in Barcelona has created the cultural cycle “Senderos de Cultura”. The purpose of this cycle is to bring together and disseminate the cultural and natural heritage of Catalonia through attractive Activities, Excursions and Cultural Trips with expert teachers and local Guides.

You will find attractive thematic routes of Art, History and Nature through unusual places, differentiated from conventional trips, and organized in a very detailed way by our team. Explanations are informative, and only interest in cultural issues is required to participate.


Our Values

We decided to create the Senderos de Cultura cycle to facilitate the cultural rapprochement between Catalonia and the rest of the Spanish communities, which despite being very close, are often only superficially known and through speculative and biased news. The cultural wealth of Spain is vast, and so is that of Catalonia, it is worth knowing!

The European Center of Barcelona is a private entity, without any political or religious affiliation and has been developing these types of cultural cycles and trips with great success since 1977. We invite you to be a participant and enjoy this great cultural and natural heritage, with expert Teachers and Guides in one of our Programs.

Our Philosophy

In “Senderos de Cultura” we bet on local tourism, proximity, and the dissemination of the cultural and natural heritage of Catalonia. We design alternative and unusual routes, we visit remote towns and places beyond the most visited and well-trodden places by mass tourism. We emphasize quality explanations, human contact with guides and teachers and among participants.

We want to recover the original spirit of travel and hiking. That special moment, where you feel that you develop as a person and that leaves a special mark on your soul. That is our purpose and what moves us in “Senderos de Cultura”. Get to know the Director’s Manifesto and the entire team here.


About the Paticipants

People from all over the World participate in “Senderos de Cultura”, and you will certainly like them if you are:

  • An active person, you like walking and hiking.
  • You enjoy artistic-cultural explanations from expert guides and Professors.
  • You have the soul of a “traveler” and love to delve into the cultural reality beyond the mass-tourism places.
  • You are interested in educational subjects and in culture, history, art and nature.
  • You are open-minded, you like to share your free time with like-minded people.

Our purpose is that you take the best memory of Catalonia, and that the experiences endure in your memory as the most beautiful of your memories.


Experience and quality

The itineraries and activities are carefully planned and studied to facilitate the participants a complete observation of the area and to visit the most suggestive points. The team of Teachers and Guides has a deep knowledge of all the places that are visited.

The approach and the type of visits that are made are different from the classic conventional tourist trips, since the purpose of the “Paths of Culture” cycle is exclusively educational and cultural. In all the outings we try to combine the advantages of traveling in a group, with as much free time as possible for private visits. In order to maintain a level of quality and seriousness, on these trips there are no optional excursions, no extra expenses, or visits to souvenir shops.


Practical Information

The language used during the activities is Spanish. The Guides and Teachers team offers an inaugural conference and welcomes the participants in a room of the Hotel where we will stay during the cycle. Participants also receive a complete informative dossier with a summary of the explanations and a diploma of assistance upon completion.

All routes and stops are perfectly organized by the team, the trip begins at the time and at the place indicated in the program. For those participants who require a day in advance or wish to extend the stay, they can consult us without problem and from the organization we can help them with the management of the accommodation. More info.


About the European Center of International Studies.

The European Center for International Studies is a Cultural Center founded in 1977 with headquarters at Av.Diagonal 441 in Barcelona. Every week throughout the year a wide variety of Cultural Activities, Cycles and Conferences are organized and a pleasant group atmosphere and friendship is fostered among all the participants. We invite you to consult more on the website: www.centroeuropeo.com

The European Center is a private entity, and organizes the “Senderos de Cultura” cycle, whose sole purpose is the dissemination of art, culture and natural heritage of Catalonia.


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