Find the In-depth travel experience that you were looking for:

Enjoy Art, History, Gastronomy and Nature walks, with expert local Guides and Professors, in off-the-beaten track excursions with like-minded people.

  1. Get an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of Art, History, Heritage, and aspects of the nature and geography of our region.
  2. Fully immerse to the experience of the local life and discover the hidden gems of Catalunya in our exclusive travel programs.
  3. Take advantage of our enthusiastic guides and local Professors graduated in Art, history and geography.
  4. Meet new travel friends and be part of a like-minded community in a friendly atmosphere

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Unique Tours

We offer differentiated travel programs with unique and innovative routes with a marked cultural focus. We are an Active Cultural Travel agency because everything that is related to nature and culture fascinates us and we want you to enjoy it as well.

Traveling with us you will discover unusual places of our heritage that you would not find otherwise and will leave you breathless.

In all the Paths of Culture trips, we give you enough free time for personal visits and activities throughout the day so that you can enjoy your trip in the way you want and do your own adventure.


Local Expert Guides and Professors

We know how important it is for you to continue learning on any occasion, that is why our local english speaking guides and professors are highly specialized and trained, contributing a great educational and cultural value to make this the most unforgettable trip of a lifetime.


Small and Like-minded Groups

We think that less is more. We guarantee groups of up to 25 people so that you can enjoy our active routes. In our groups you will find an excellent atmosphere and meet people like you who want to travel and learn, as well as a personalized accompaniment that you will enjoy throughout the trip.

In Paths of Culture we all share the same interests about topics of local, artistic, historical, scenic, gastronomic, wine tourism and cultural interest.

Come with a partner or by yourself, you’ll end up with new friends!

as with any jouney, who you travel with can be more important than the destination

Be Safe & Comfy

Let yourself be driven and enjoy the ride as you look through the window, read a book, listen to a great playlist, chat to one of your new friends or connect on board!

Traveling with us is totally safe and comfortable.

All routes and visits are made with luxury coaches provided by local companies fully endorsed by  experienced coaches who know the roads by hands. We choose the accommodations carefully and take care of all the details as your comfort and the quality of the service remains one of our maximum aspirations.

That is why all our 3 and 4 stars Hotels and B&Bs have been specially handpicked by members of our team and offer a Half-pension regime including breakfast.

Local Life

Want to feel like a local? Then travel like a local. Get away from crowds and mass tourism to discover the authentic laid back Mediterranean life. Buy in the small family run shops and try the tasty local food in the local suggested restaurants and get off the beaten paths.



Paths of Culture travel programs are created by a Cultural Travel Agency based in Barcelona with more than 40 years of experience satisfying our guests and participants.

We work independently from the travel wholesalers industry, that is why you get a personalized attention, a reliable booking system and a great customer service team in the office that will assist you. 

We want to make your life easier. Make you feel in the best hands. Just pick the phone and call us! (+34 934309979)


Sustainable Tourism

In this new era of Travel, we are committed with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, that is a guarantee of economic, socio-cultural and environmental balance. 

Paths of Culture is a Biosphere Sustainable Tourism Certified Company. That means we endure a sustainability program which comprises a large set of actions: reducing the carbon foot print of our activities, developing local economy, supporting family business and shops, buying seasonal products, fair contracts and salaries to our employees, etc… we invite you to see more about sustainability in tourism in the Biosphere Sustainable Tourism program.

We are nature and culture lovers like you. Our guides will advise you at any time so that you can take care of the environment while traveling and enjoying yourself.


Simply three meaningful words to describe our spirit

Because life never stops, neither do we. We are active people. We believe in action. The best way to know nature is walking and all our trips include moderate hiking routes for intrepid explorers as you.


We get exited with the old places and things. Culture as learning and education. Culture as the road to understanding and accepting. Culture are values, languages, traditions, arts, dances, crafts, gastronomy, music, literature, interaction with others, history, legends, beliefs, …


Traveling is our nature. As expert travelers and great connoisseurs of our territory we help you traveling. We select the most exceptional places to share with you and unique itineraries to discover our beautiful heritage, so you only have to hop on and enjoy it wishing you come back again.

Get in touch and let’s travel together!

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