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Alexandra Ferreiro

Co-Founder and Travel Manager

As a little girl I grew up with the idea that I was some similar result to what could be a daughter of Pocahontas and Indiana Jones together. I grew up with a great adventurous spirit and always wanted to explore the world. I have spent many summers between the cliffs of La Costa Brava, the majestic volcanoes of La Garrotxa, and the amazing olive oil and roasted snails from Les Garrigues. I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy Catalonia and its corners with parents who liked to travel and tought me to appreciate my land.


Finishing El Camino de Santiago by bike with 15 years old turned out to be one of the greatest experiences and challenges that I will have never surpassed, and gave me the courage to start traveling by myself in Europe at the age of 18 years old while studying Sociology in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


Europe suddenly became small and the first trip across the Ocean brought me to Mexico where I stayed a month, and since then almost one country took me to another. When I finished my degree and while enjoying my first decent work as a Gender Equality Technician, I graduated in Visual Anthropology in Universitat de Barcelona, with the curious fantasy of working someday for the National Geographic, that it has to be said, I will never lose hope that it will happen eventually. Nicaragua as a graduated sociologist and anthropologist was an eyes-opener and the confirmation that I was made for exploring and sharing.


My passion for outdoors, photography and traveling led me to work and travel more than half a year in South East Asia and I won a Photojournalism price that encouraged me to continue photographing the world while discovering it, and so I went to Latin America where I felt like home for half a year more and got my first job as a tour guide.


But what we have here, just on a train ride, has no comparison. Barcelona has always been my city, I feel very fortunate to be able to live in it and I am deeply connected to it. I have grown up in the Eixample neighborhood next to El Born and as the popular sayings says “Travel the world and come back to El Born”. The Mediterranean and its breeze are part of my skin and will never get rid of it. To this day I am highly proud to be able to show this heritage that has seen me rise and cured me, like a good ham.


Since 2014 I have fully worked in tourism, managing and leading groups all over Catalonia sharing my homeland heritage with those who visit us and I have been fortunate to be able to guide all kinds of trips as historical and cultural city visits, such as hiking trips and gastronomic and ethnological experiences. In short, to travel all my home land, that is infinite, and exquisite and to make the most of experience for the travelers who visit us.


From 2019 with Sergi Cadena we put our hands on the work to create this project that we take with great enthusiasm and dedication that is Paths of Culture Barcelona. and we really hope you enjoy with us!


Alexandra Ferreiro, Travel Manager and Founder


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