Travel times to Barcelona, Catalonia
  • New York: 7 hours
  • London: 2 hours
  • Paris: 1,5 hour
  • Madrid: 45 min


Spain: a melting pot of Cultures and Traditions, a unique heritage in the World.

Europe’s Art of Living

Catalonia is located at the North-East of the Iberian peninsula, in the country of Spain. The Pyrenees, with impressive peaks nearly 3.000m (10.000 feet) high, are the natural border with France, and we have 600km (375miles) of breath-taking coastal-shores of the Mediterranean. We also enjoy an enviable temperate Mediterranean climate, perfect for outdoor activities all year around.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, with an exciting city life, history and very rich cultural and natural heritage.

La Sagrada Familia, of the genius architect Gaudí in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

A Land of Art, Culture and Passion

Barcelona and Catalonia are the home of some of the masterpieces of european art and architecture. You surely know Gaudi‘s famous Sagrada Família, or the surrealist genius Salvador Dalí, picturing the amazing Costa Brava in his artwork.

This small country, home of legendary artists, has many other unknown gems of art heritage to be discovered.

Barcelona welcomes the World during the famous 1992 Olympic Games.

with a captivating History 

Barcelona has 4.000 years of history. The first settlers were Iberians who established themselves in the surrounding hills of what is today the city center.  In the 1st century BC, the roman emperor August founded the roman colony «Barcino» , which from the city takes its name. Later on, came the Visigoths, the Muslims after conquering the Iberian peninsula, the Mediterranean conquest by Catalan navy, the discovery of America, the War of Independence from Napoleon, the Spanish Civil war, the Democracy era and the unforgettable Olympic Games in 1992, etc….

As you can see this marvelling history has shaped the city as we know it today. An open city made from various cross-cultural influences. All this heritage is still alive in our city and Catalonia, with numerous vestiges we are craving to show you and which certainly are worth a visit.

Incredible Landscapes awaits you in Catalonia

and a Wonderful Natural Environment.

One of the aspects every traveler notices after some days in Catalonia, is the variety of landscapes of this country. From the high mountain peaks of the Pyrenees, to the surreal scenery of la Costa Brava, and its hidden beach coves. 

Combining cultural visits with active walks to astonishing views of natural wonders, our trips give a balanced view of all our heritage. 

Last but not least, Spain is one of the safest countries in the world, with kind and smiling people, and an over-the top quality of life, shown by the fact that Spain is at the top of the list of countries by life expectancy -86 years.

Come and enjoy!


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